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Adoption in Texas

You`re interested in adoption, but you`re not sure where to start. In Texas, you have several options for adoption available. The first thing you must decide is the type of adoption you are interested in. Do you want an infant or an older child? Do you want to adopt domestically or internationally? These decisions will determine where you start.

Who May Adopt In Texas

Potential adoptive parents must be at least 21 years of age, financially stable, and responsible mature adults, and complete a home study.

Texas Adoption Home Study

What does a home study involve? It is an inspection, for lack of a better word, of your home, your background, your financial ability to raise a child, your parenting skills or tools, your marriage (if applicable) and many other aspects of your life. All adults in your home will need to complete a criminal history background check and an abuse and neglect check. To some people it feels intrusive, but you will go through the same types of questions, no matter which avenue of adoption you choose to pursue.

International Adoption In Texas

Infants may also be adopted through international adoption. Some countries do not allow infant adoptions and only place older children. Certain countries have tighter restrictions on the age limits of the adoptive parents. Working with an adoption agency that is experienced in facilitating adoptions in the country you are interested in will make your adoption go much more smoothly. Be sure the agency is licensed to conduct adoptions in Texas.

Texas Infant Adoption

If you are interested in adopting an infant in Texas, it will be handled through an adoption agency or an adoption attorney. Just as with an international adoption, make sure that any agency or attorney that you use is licensed in Texas and has experience with infant adoptions.

If you are a birth mother and plan to place your child for adoption but are unable to make an adoption plan you may take advantage of Texas`s Safe Haven law. The law allows you to place your infant (up to 30 days old) with an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Provider. They will find a safe home for your child.

Texas Older Child Or Special Needs Adoption

Texas does not have a shortage of children available for adoption. There are many children in foster care who are waiting for a forever family. While the program is called special needs adoption, it is not only children with a physical or emotional special need that are waiting to be adopted. Children who are part of a sibling group that need to be placed together, children of different ethnic backgrounds, and children who are older and have a difficult being placed because of their age are all considered special needs.

Potential adoptive parents are required to complete a series Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education (PRIDE) training classes. The classes help to educate you on the potential needs of a special needs child and give you resources to handle these situations.

Texas Adoption Registry

Texas maintains a Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry. The Registry searches for individuals whose information matches. If a match occurs, the identities of the parties are confirmed and the information is released to the interested parties. Registration is handled through the Texas Department of Human Services.

Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, visit the Adoption Directory to speak with a caring professional in Texas.You can also view profiles of hopeful adoptive couples in or near Texas in the listing below, provided as a service of ParentProfiles.com.

Couples Hoping to Adopt in Texas

View profiles of hopeful adoptive parents or create your own adoption profile today on ParentProfiles.com (A service of Adoption Profiles, LLC).

Featured TX Couples from Parent Profiles
Fernando & Jesús  (from TX)
We admire your love and courage for thinking about open adoption and wish you peace and support in the process. We chose open adoption because we want your child to know how special you are in our...[more]

See All Texas Couples Hoping to Adopt through ParentProfiles.com.

Children Waiting for Adoption in Texas

Are you ready to be a parent? There are tens of thousands of children in the United States foster system and many more available children worldwide. There are many children in Texas who are hoping to be adopted.

Featured Texas Children from The Adoption.com Photolisting
Christopher (Texas / 15 / M)
Christopher is a very sweet youth who is very tender hearted. Christopher loves playing video games, especially fantasy games such as the Legend of Zelda. He gravitates towards books based on fantasy as well. Christopher loves animals... [more]

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Mandy Duran - 1 year ago
0 0 1
I need help, I'm 16 yo and my mother and biological father separated when I was about 3 and up until I was about 10 my dad always came to visit me and he completely supported me, then things went downhill. He never visits me he's lied to me and has of me down multiple times. I'm not sure what it is but he is supposed to give me money every month and he hasn't but my mom doesn't need his money so if any of the workers call she always stands up for him and lies and says that he has gave me money. Anyways mu stepfather has always helped me from the beginning and people notice I connect more with him as a dad. I want for my stepdad to adopt me. What can I do someone please help me #1
Macey buckaloo - 12 months ago
Hi I'm macey I'm young but I have two steps son i found out I can't have babies well me and husband have been waitting to see if could adopte through the town we live in we can't but we're good people. We would like a baby of are own so if anyone is looking to give up a baby please contact me. xxxxx. #2
Brianna - 1 year ago
0 0 1
I would love to watch over babies until they are adopted, please respone back. #3
Karen Dolan - 1 year ago
0 1 0
My mother was left at a Boarding House while her mother went to find work n early April 1921. This little girl was taken to the Salvation Army with no name of her mother. She was adopted by the Officers at that Corps. but no other info was available. Is it possible any investigation was done to find the mother. I am curious to find out who I am and what heritage I have. I have done DNA with Ancestry but have no names and feel stuck finding out WHO I AM. #4
Kasey - 1 year ago
0 1 0
This is officially the greatest volunteer opportunity I have ever seen. I really hope that someone reads these comments and gets back to us ASAP!! If not I will start calling around asking to volunteer to cuddle their babies. But, I'm sure I would sound completely creepy by doing that and not only get turned away but have the police called on me. I would probably think someone was crazy if they called me to ask if they could just come cuddle my baby, I would definitely call the cops. I'll have to figure out a non creepy way to ask about it. #5
Alexandria - 1 year ago
0 0 0
To the lady who wrote about wanting to put your unborn baby up for adoption please email me xxxx #6
Irene - 1 year ago
0 0 1
My husband and I would like to adopt a baby. Need more information. #7
Favor - 2 years ago
0 0 1
I live in Dallas Texas, I will like to adopt a child. #8
Trenetta - 1 year ago
0 0 0
I have read adoption agencies are looking for families to help nurture and love newborn babies until theybare ready to be adopted. #9
Brittany - 1 year ago
0 0 1
Looking to adopt! Where do we start? #10
Becca - 1 year ago
0 0 0
Hi! I am a clinical social worker and would love to write a home study for you if you are considering adoption. Please check us out at heartoftxhs.com. #11
Amanda - 1 year ago
0 0 0
Me and my husband want information on how we can adopt a baby or child #12
Tammi - 1 year ago
1 0 0
I would love to volunteer to cuddle newborn babies. I did foster to adopted all three of my children. One of them came straight from the hospital 2 days old, one 10, last where 7 month old and I would do it again if I could. I just want to help I love children and the elders. hennington41@ xxxxxx.com #13
Eda - 1 year ago
1 0 0
Great piece ! BTW , if someone has been looking for a IRS 2290 , my company edited a sample form here http://goo.gl/Ms4ebj #14
Roberto and Veronica Perez - 2 years ago
1 0 1
We don't know where to start for the adoption, but we want to adopt a baby who is less that 1 yr. #15
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